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Thread: Windbg HWND Extension x64

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    Windbg HWND Extension x64

    EDIT: Posts moved from another thread into a new topic

    Have you come across an extension in your travels that works on x64 and allows a hwnd and a windows message code to be use in a breakpoint?

    I am thinking of the bmsg command in sice and I have seen at least two extensions with a similar function. Unfortunately neither work on my present x64 system.

    ps. I'm sure it could be done manually using an .if/.else statement with a bp. I am still trying to get my head around poi.

    I am thinking specifically of this statement I posted earlier:

    .load sdbgext
    bp @eip ".if (poi(poi(esp+4)+4) == 0x202) {!hwnd poi(poi(esp+4));gc } .else {gc}"
    Unfortunately I need the extension sdbgext which I have been unable to load on x64.

    This is a new release that's supposed to work on x64 but ironically not on my system.
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    i just cleaned up and put the extension and the relevent source here in github

    this is a recompilation for hwnd command from skywings sdbgext for x64 architecture


    .load hwnd.dll
    !hwnd {window Handle}

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    Quote Originally Posted by blabberer View Post
    i just cleaned up and put the extension and the relevent source here in github
    Thanks blabbs. I am tied up helping a friend with a project and time is hard to come by. I will get into this soon.

    Thanks again.

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