Hi...have not done much reversing as of late, especially since RCE closed down. Taking an interest in tracing the usbxhci.sys driver for W10 to see if I can adapt it for use on Win 7 on an 8th generation Intel chipset.

The chipset is an Intel B360 and it seems Intel no longer makes drivers for their own chipsets, having deferred to Micro$oft.

Bit of history, then questions. I have loaded Win 10 on an Asus B360M-C mobo which uses an i5 - 8200 8th generation processor. I wanted to load an installed win 7 OS which I had on a hard drive. Surprisingly, it booted straight to the logon screen, graphics and all, using stock SP1 drivers. I had to rig USB to PS/2 adapters to get my mouse and keyboard working (another USB keyboard in a USB port to get past the boot screen) but after that I could log in and got straight to the desktop.

Most of the stock W7 drivers seemed to be working fine....all but the USB drivers which require a USB 3/3.1 driver. Of course, m$oft has crippled W7 by not supplying the USB drivers. They claim to be protecting W7 users due to a lack of updates, but if that's the case, why are they detecting W7 on 7th and 8th gen chipsets and blocking those users from updates? And why do generic drivers work on this mobo for W10 and not W7?


1)What is currently the best dissassembler/debugger? I have never learned Olly and did get started on Windbg. IDA, of course, is still there and I notice Ilfak has released a free version of IDA 7.

2)If I start Olly what is the best platform? Does it work on win 7 and 10? The original seems pretty dated but Olly 2 does not seem to be popular for some reason.

3)If kayaker is still out there, how's the paddling? Fixed ice yet to run on W7?

4)If blabberer is still out there I could use your help getting going on windbg....again!!!