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This thread should be split at some point if it goes off topic.
Do whatever you think is best, kayaker.

I started the thread as a general query into USB 3 drivers for W7 on a newer generation mobo. Microsoft never has supplied drivers on W7 for USB3.

I needed to find a debugger to do that and the discussion lead off into 64 bit debuggers. I needed to learn Windbg properly while finding a way to study W7 and W10 USB trees with the hope of finding a clue as to why current Intel USB 3 drivers won't load on my B360 chipset.

Currently I am trying to follow the loading sequence used in Device Manager to see if I can find a clue as to why the drivers won't activate. However, I plan to attack it at a deeper level once I get a feel for what is involved. It's a steep learning curve.

Break the current thread into two or more threads as you see fit.