Hi Guys,
Im stuck with this software that I think uses its own type of licensing, it give you a customer code and then the generator creates a license key. I am just having trouble working it out, could someone who knows more help me out please?

I have 6 pairs of working license keys below:

Customer 8AFFE-1A516-03E4F licence 3C4C-94A2-72AF-07CE-7520
Customer 8EF7E-18536-4F247 license 3C44-90A2-F3E7-07CE-7530
Customer 88F7E-1E146-45647 license 3C44-D4A2-63AF-07CE-7530
Customer 8C05E-71917-5EA8B license 1824-8092-D7F7-0B42-7737
Customer 8A0DE-73D67-12687 license 182C-8492-56BF-0B42-7727
Customer 8A05E-77D57-54E8B license 1824-C492-47BF-0B42-7737

The codes are from two different computers. Looking at them Id assume that the license key might be split into different information sections like a machine Id and a vendor code and a time limit and other stuff but I just dont know that much really.