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Thread: EXEtender. Has anyone played with this thing?

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    EXEtender. Has anyone played with this thing?

    Hey guys.

    When I get bored, I like to tinker. My most recent target of tinkering has been EXEtender. It's a system that allows casual gaming companies to distribute their games on a "time limited" fashion. free ride games dot com is one such place. You download their "system", and you can play a bunch of games. My local ISP offers their product as well. You pay a monthly subscription fee, and you get access to ALL the games. When I 1st heard about this, I was curious how they could DO that, without someone downloading ALL the games during the 1st month, and then canceling their service. Well, some study on this thing has been quite interesting!

    They package the game into their special formatted container. And, before execution, they install a file system filter driver. (or two). These drivers intercept all mentions of files from their applications, and from the game itself, and funnel them to their protected container. So, now, my thought is, that I should get around to working this whole thing out, and writing a tool that rips the games from the containers.

    SO, with that in mind, has anyone seen, heard, or tinkered with this system?


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    A little more info. They use Microsoft Detours to hook some file functions as well.

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