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Thread: DNGuard 3.71

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    No more black and white shit please. I have accepted I am inherently darker then most, but that doesn't prevent me from looking beyond, and making it how I would like it to be. No longer any rhetoric to speak just doing and living by what I believe, and stepping up.

    I also understand the flip side of it, The Skaters theorem if you will, where if I let people know I can do something, I will be the one who always does it. It might lead to me being pestered to death for time, I wish to spend on something else. I won't let that happen and hopefully other will step up to fill in the blanks.
    i'm back sorry man i work

    for first i want know if it's used v3.71 or minr version of dnguard ?

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    ... look at the other question before skipping on.
    What is old will become new again.

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    What happened to JMI? I can guess, but that guess could be wrong, but if that is the case, I am sorry to hear that.
    What is old will become new again.

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    I should've taken my own advice before skipping on, or requiring backward motion.

    So you are having issues with identifying the version of DnGuard used to use the proper tools. Packer Identifiers are a pretty cool thing, although I am unsure which one can reliably identify DNGuard and give versions. Maybe someone else knows this.

    This might help,
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    What is old will become new again.


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