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Thread: assembly to C - tools

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    Question assembly to C - tools

    I found out there are tools like x-rays which "translate" assembly to C.
    Anybody knows and used such tools?
    What do you think about such tools?

    Do you know good and freeware tools (which translate assembly to C)?

    I think it's easier to learn the programing language C as assembly.

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    Hex-Rays is the gold standard, but you must pay gold. There's also the classic dcc and the newer Boomerang. Of course, what goes around, comes around -- you don't want to start relying on such tools over understanding of the raw assembly. Also, their output tends to be imperfect, to say the least. Still, they can be useful as a starting point for some jobs or to get a quick overall view of an application.

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    You can try this link:
    and this our (Woodmann) link:

    But I never used them, because C programs are nowadays only a little part of compiled programs, without taking into account all the interpreted ones, and because a C-decompiled program - without the functions and the variables names - is not very different from a disassembled one.

    I think it's easier to learn the programing language C as assembly
    I don't fully agree with you... Furthermore, ASM is mandatory to understand all the protections used today to hide interesting stuff...

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