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Thread: Could some kind soul please help a Newbie

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    Unhappy Could some kind soul please help a Newbie

    Hi all

    I need some help here please, I have a old program that i bought in 2009, and i`ve used all my allowed credits, i`ve since got intouch with the company and they have told me they no longer make or support this software, pretty much telling me to fcuk off, totally unacceptable .

    Anyway after a lot of research and constant googling, i`ve since found out that i could update the software myself, so i set about reading all the relevant information & and sourcing the correct tools, and having ago myself ..

    Now this is where i`m up to, i`ve managed to extract the Master & User keys, by using ollydbg & ultra string, i have also found the option & user levels, and i have the sitecode
    But for the life of me, every time i try to run a script to generate a site code using Ckinfo.14+, I keep on getting the error 16 (encryption keys not found) the software is protected
    by securerom 7.39.0006 if thats any help. any help on this matter would be greatfully appreciated, and thank you for taking the time to read my post

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    I think i may have solved the problem, after testing ckinfo v1.14+ with various scripts, it would seem that it will not run any of them regardless, I seem to still get the error message, does anyone know where i can download
    the previous version v14 please so i can try it, many thanks

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    How do you know that securom is not packed/obfuscated ?

    Learn Or Die.

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    isnt ckinfo for cryptkey?.. securom and cryptkey are like chalk and cheese

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    Many thank's to both of you, for your replys, I managed to find ckinf v14 after a good 4 hour search on the net, and it ran the script without any problems, and I have now updated my software.

    For the life of me I don't know why v14+ would not run, my keys & site code were correct

    Cryptkey to licence the software, and Securom to protect the data cd
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    v14 and v14+ have different set of key

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    Thank's FoxB, it has been your post's on the net, that has given me the knowledge to achieve the updating of my software..

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