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Thread: ARTeam: armag3ddon 2.2 and also the full sources

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    Cool ARTeam: armag3ddon 2.2 and also the full sources

    Hi all
    Armag3ddon 2.2 has been released few weeks ago with a lot of improvements (see our site) and today we're also releasing its full C++ sources. Trying to keep this tool the best armadillo's unpacker (or one of) became quite complex with time, but the final decision to relase its full sources follows the decision of SiliconRealm to drop Armadillo as a product. Time hence to release them publicly for anyone willing to improve the tool or tweak the support for other OSes. You'll notice we always had a lot of care also for the quality of the sources. As you know the version 2.2 of Armag3ddon fully supports Win7 and 64b systems. To compile the sources is enough to have the latest version of Visual Studio (tested on version 2013).

    An huge thanks to CondZero, all the other ARTeam members who contributed to this (expecially NachoDj for his/her import fix library) and all the testers who reported problems and bugs.

    bring it here:

    BR and happy new year from us all,
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    Thanks Shub,

    A valuable asset for all of us.

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