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Thread: Hi All I am new and have already a question

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    Hi All I am new and have already a question

    Fellow programmers.

    I have a kid of hobby to look into programs and special dongles to see of the programmer himself did look right
    to use al the protections of it, this program who is however not of use kind of radio automation has a lot of
    learning things in it so it have everkey in it, but also packing software, of different kind, I think dat these are
    used for the music database protection also where you can put a password in so no other people can go in.

    this is a nice software to learn and test for you guys. but don,t let owner know, he is just very active.


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    well its probably checksumming it, so debug it and see where, try breakpointing on file access and see,

    getmodulehandlea(null) just returns the base address...

    i also get the feeling you arent using the tools properly, try back tracing from the messagebox

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    Well the call esi was the input of the solution, I have patched it now and I can play with it.

    It was not that hard but did need ida, in ollydbg file did change itself says olly and messing up breakpoints,
    because of it is packed but this is only the database part.

    Now the hard work, the curiousity how good everkey is implemented, if it is like the anti patch then I get
    some fun.
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    Well I get the rocky4 removed, the software is very bad written wat concerns security, just use the dongle to put valeu in table, and so I did get set
    on modules, the kechk32.dll has be removed, and after that a jump make the keycheck succesfull, the pain in the ass is find that table, and change
    ,0 in ,1 or ,3 for level 4 module.

    such a shame for rocky4, she do well, the programmers not.


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    I have program modules activated, and kechk32.dll is not loading anymore.

    Get 0000-0000-00000 key loaded without error.

    and have 999 days left.

    As you see the problem is not everkey but the programming people itselfs, to lazy to do well.

    I am not a experienced cracker, but did succeed, so it is very weak implemented.

    Th newest version 6 has also a new keychecker, this program is twice as big, and I can not
    find the table anymore, maybe now she have done better job, so I have again nice hobby work
    to do, and learn from it.

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    The new version of this software do use other keyfile keychk.dll from rockey4, the table is not present anymore and the modules
    get through jumptables who work with the key, looks a lot better interesting object.

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    Hi All

    thanks for the help, it is quite learnfull to do in this dark wintertime next to the woodstove;-)


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