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Mitrix posted a question on one of the tasks in Harlequin's course. After looking at it I thought it was so good that I thought it'd make a great Project. Since it's actually the final task of a section and I think the course should be started from the beginning without giving away the answers to the previous task, I deleted the original link Mitrix had posted and will just post the download link for Task 2/3:


In case of difficulties (I couldn't d/l it with Opera), I'll attach it here (11KB zip)

Here is what Harlequin says about this task:

"I should warn you here though, this is the last Task in this section and as such is therefore the most difficult. Some may struggle with this one a little. I can only assure you that in the CodeWoods things are not always as they seem, there is (despite everything you may think) a solution to this task and, if you have made it this far you have more than the skills required to complete it successfully."

The rest is self-explanatory, find the correct serial number. I've posted Mitrix's original post and my reply.

I encourage you to try the complete course, which begins at:


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