So I'm trying to figure out how to disable a time limit for a trial version of a program called Emulator Pro. This program is a virtual MIDI controller used in conjunction with virtual DJing software. After an hour or so, the program opens up a webpage asking you to buy the product, closes itself, and has to be restarted. Aside from that and the necessity to be online when the program starts...and an area to put in your username and serial, the program is the full version...just hindered by these things.

I've tried the newbiest method, which was using Ollydbg to do a search for text strings containing the URL of the webpage that is opened when the program closes itself, but to no avail. 90% of the text strings are gibberish anyway, like what happens, I've read, when a program is written in Visual Basic, though I'm not sure that this program was.

Also, the serial is, I'm almost certain, validated through the internet, which means, I assume, that the method of determining a correct serial is not in the program.

So this is where I need help. My knowledge of programming is very limited, and I'd like some pointers on where to look to disable the time limit, or better yet, tell the program it's been activated. Any ideas?