first of all thank you for the chance to reg here and read on for further informations. Im new to all this, read a lot the last weeks and will continue to investigate time.

Generally im a bit pointless on how i can extract needed license information from a rlm protected app. I found the pdf documents for flexlm but there is no such thing (from what i found) for rlm?!
Im trying on my first target which is protected with rlm v10.
The app has two kinds of applications, one main app and also some plugins for various third party apps.
First of all i tried to use RLMHelper, thanks for that awesome tool!
I was able to patch the main and plugin libraries with this.

The curious thing is the rlm and the corresponding vendor (which is a .set file instead of a binary) are serving the license fine. I can see them on localhost but for some reason the already patched libs from main app and plugins dont accept them.

Main app running fine if i place the lic in the $HOME/APP folder but dont accept the same lic file served from the rlm server.
The plugins dont run. It doesnt matter if i place the lic to $HOME/APP or tell the plugin to use the rlm served license.
Maybe the rlm version is too new for the RLMHelper?

Before wasting your time with various infos please tell me if you could need any further information and i will provide that.

Thanks schledde