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Thread: Key Level & Key Options

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    Key Level & Key Options

    Hi Guys..

    Newbie, but a big reader of the forums. I have learnt how to use CKinfo and OllyDbg to obtain my sitekey , site code and master code , but when generating it It asks for key level and key options.. I have tried searching for GetLevel / Options calls, or any text but am having no luck.. could anyone offer guidance..

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    Try to read the crypkey api manual?

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    I have read crypkey sdk manual which explains site level and options , but are set by the author on an individual basis. I will look for the API manual and see if this offers further guidance.

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    I am looking at the Crp32002.ngn file but see no references. Should I use any particular options when this is generated ? Dump CPU ?

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    To cover the things I have looked at..
    I used Ollydbg to search the exe for ASCII strings which revealed the usercode and master code (CKInfo gives the Password etc) . I have the Sitekey from the application .
    I just require the level and key options. Are these likely to be in the .exe or the ngn file ? In plain text / binary ..
    I'm guessing it must be possible as I have seen people mention it, and have seen a script for an earlier version (are the same levels/keys likely to work) I'm worried to try as a may blow remaining credits away..
    I know Keylevel needs to be between 1-16 or multiples
    keyoption 1 - 65535 , bt this is just binary right to switch up to 16 options on or off ? so 0 is no options, 65535 is all on ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironman View Post
    I have the Sitekey from the application
    If you have the SiteKey as you have mentioned what's stopping you to get Key Level & Key Options ?
    ckinfo /sitekey ???? ???? ????......
    Cheers Sope
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