I have a app that was protected using asprotect. The program uses web based registration which I managed to get a copy of the php script that calls the linux keygen. It uses 3 constants, the first one is 25 characters long, and the other 2 are 173 characters long. Both keys Have A-Z, a-z, 0-9, +, / so I am guessing they are base64, the first (short string) ends with == and the other two end with =.

From what I can tell, they pass the data to the keygen cgi app in the form of a url string like A=<const1>&E=<const2>&N=<const3>&ID=<hardwareID>&Data=<login>\r\n<registration name>\r\n<licensetype>\r\n<ibuttonid>\r\n<family>

I have a working key that was generated and its 174 characters long. Also since I have the program running, isn't there some way to just dump it from memory?