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Thread: Unpacking PESpin v1.32?

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    Unpacking PESpin v1.32?

    two days I grieve to unpack the exe.
    This exe is packet in PESpin v1.32.
    My attempts to expand the ends inoperative code.
    Can some good soul given what I'm doing bad
    Or I will be grateful for unpacking.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    well, to help you, someone should sit & unpack it. then teach you..
    I think, you should explore
    1. protector's all available futures.
    2. detect, which one are used or not used & go..

    suggestion from me:
    you can leave ripped-code in header-section, putting PE-header after it. saves time.

    now, as I see, you have not restored stolen-OEP bytes. those bytes probably should be from 401000

    you just tried automated-unpacker tool...
    so that is answer on your question: Can some good soul given what I'm doing bad
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