I'm working on a little something. I've gotten past the activation window and activation checks, BUT these people have some sort of Flexnet(?) implementation that checks for modified files. If it detects the file has been modified it allows "limited" use of the program.

My solution would be to mask this dll as its non modified counterpart so that when it gets checked it appears correct, but executes as if it where modified.

To summarize:
1. I already got past activation screens and checks
2. A system(flexnet probably)checks to see if the file has been modified
3. It detects the modification so it causes mayhem in the program
4. My solution would be to "trick" the system into thinking it has not been modified.

The DLL was modified with a hex editor and has only a few edits (like 5 bytes have been changed)

Or I could just use OllyDBG to remove the call or something (but I dont know how to use olly)
Or I could just tell flexnet to look for the modified file instead of the un-modified one

If someone could give me some tip,hints or point me in the right direction (or the solution :P) that would be fantastic.