Hello all, this tool has just been added to the Collaborative RCE Tool Library
This is a tool to unpack PECompact (2.X - 3.X) wrapped targets. Since this sort of packer is not difficult to unpack & dump, the goal of the tool is just to make your life a little bit easier when you are facing any PECompact target.

And of course it has been a good exercise about coding debuggers unsing Delphi environment.

Available for 4 known compilers -> The option 'Rebuild sections' allows a dump clean of any wrapper code, minimizes all sections and uncompresses also the resources section.
Unchecking this option makes a dump without any further processing (although resources are always rebuilt, not to be lost).

Supported dll files also. This tool rebuilds and entire relocations section whilst debugging the process.

drag&drop feature available.

All troubles found when unpacking any target, please let me know in any of the reversing forums where this tool could have been released.

Thanks to all! And I hope you enjoy it.


Credits go to:
Shub Nigurrath & ThunderPwr, for their wonderful tut about debuggers & loaders
condzero, some ideas applied to this tool have been based upon his sources of loaders
Ghandi, for his very useful loader for dlls used by this tool
and of course, to...
ARTeam, the most wonderful reversing team I have ever known...
Get it here:
Best regards