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Thread: World premiere crackme?

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    World premiere crackme?

    Here is another crackme and it may be the first of its kind. It is a crackme written in Matlab
    Putting "matlab crackme" into google did not give any useful results.

    I'm not an experienced reverser so I should be careful but I think this is a very hard crackme. I have absolutely no idea (even though I have the source code!) how to patch this. I consider keygenning impossible

    In order for the crackme to run it needs what is called the "Matlab Compiler Runtime" and here comes the bomb, that runtime installer is ~400MB
    In the zip file there is a readme.txt file. In that file it says which Matlab version was used to build the crackme and there is also a link to where the Matlab runtime installer can be downloaded. The direct link seems to be

    Good luck to anyone who gives this crackme a try

    Sorry! Here it is
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    Where's the crackme!?!
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