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Thread: Agilent License Manager

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    How about YOU try searching on google for what YOU need!

    Simply posting your same question on this, and other Forums does NOT demonstrate that YOU have done any work to FIND the answer to YOUR question YOURSELF!

    Now actually READ THE FAQ!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by gsmman View Post
    I have softwares for exchange...
    fix actix_ga10/ga11/4.05 - very easy, fix slm7/8 also very easy.

    very hard to find slm sdk. for many people is his works, so, no anybody share sdk8 at rapidshare. you don't need full sdk, just wlscgen for any vendor.

    also, no good decoder for slm license, for actix need use olly, and read dump codeT after slm function.
    and compare you license dump, and license dump from internet for find few license setting.

    also in few forum - can ask for free license.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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