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    Hi all,

    Check out bad review for Woodmann site .. Lots of lies

    warez social engineering site
    use caution
    threats onpage & doloads
    password stolen
    do not enter

    After arguing with support they say "Have site owner submit dispute to Safe Web." ..

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    They can get in line with all the other idiots who still see this place as dangerous.
    Believe me, I deal with them on an almost daily basis through our host.

    Trying to explain how heuristics are flawed is like telling them
    the moon aint made of cheese.
    "It must be true, I saw it on the internet"

    I care not about what these people think and have told them to
    keep their crawlers off my site. When you bypass the server rules,
    it is against US law. Sadly, they think they are doing the world a favor
    when in fact, they are doing it a dis-service by scaring the crap
    out of people.

    Ugggghhhhhh.............. I could continue, but I shan't.

    Learn Or Die.

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