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Thread: Problems between Win98se and Win XP pro lpt functions

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    Problems between Win98se and Win XP pro lpt functions

    briefly I bought a very expensive program ($14,890.95) many years ago that uses a Aladdin hasp LPT dongle and it worked on windows 98se fine. but I felt because of what I spent on the program I should be able to use it on any of my computers without having to buy several dongles that typically get in the way and get damaged easy not to mention damage the computer LPT port connector. I saw a ad in the computer shopper for a company that could remove the dongle call from my program threw the use of a custom patch.
    I was in heaven and bought the patch, ran my original program and ran the patch I bought from this company, with the dongle attached and it wrote a new file which replaces the old program so it worked without the dongle attached. Basically I have the original program disks and can install the program but to run it without the dongle I simply have to copy the file the patch created into the directory so it replaces the original start program file and then it works fine, even if I installed the program on my other computers, I just had to replace the main file with the patched file, and it worked.
    My problem is I still have the original disks for the program and a well backed up copy of the patched file so I can use the program without the dongle, but it only works on Win 98se and won't on Win XP pro because Microsoft change the way the OS accessed the LPT ports now my patched program loads and runs but I get the message that it cannot find the security dongle. so the only way I can continue to use my very expensive program is to use VMWare and use a virtual win 98se machine to run it in on my Win XP computer.
    I have been told it doesn't work because 98 accessed the LPT port directly and XP does not (some sort of security fix Microsoft thought of), I looked for a LPT emulator that would make XP access the LPT port like it does in 98se but could not find anything that worked. VMWare can do it in a virtual machine so why isn't there a LPT port driver that bypasses the new way Microsoft has XP access them and access them like 98se did?
    My program works fine in XP until it checks for the dongle, then it craps out, which isn't long enough to do much at all. I no longer have the dongle but I do have the original disks and the patched replacement for the main program file and I did a compare on the un-patched file and the patched file and found there is only 10 changes in the code on three lines, line 749 has 7 changes, line 752 has 1 change, and 753 has 2 changes.
    I had a programer friend look at it but could only identify that the section was looking for the LPT port then when it was found, the code changes jumped pass the read and inserted the dongle number where the program could see it. He then said it would not work in XP because all the calls to and from the LPT port goes threw a new system to increase security problems that the direct LPT access that win 98se used, but he had no idea how to change things so the program could tell if the LPT port was there in XP or how XP actually accessed the ports compared to 98se.
    I would love to be able to use this program in XP directly without using VMWare either using a 98se LPT port emulator or a hasp emulator that I could manually put the security number into (yes I have that).
    If anyone can help me with this I would be so grateful you would never know. i9 can supply the security number for the dongle, and a copy of the original program file and a copy of the patched program file that works without the dongle under win 98se so you could see what was originally done to get the program to work on 98se.
    I am just really tired of waiting for the VMware to load and then use my program and have the hassle to port the output into the XP OS for printing and other things. I really love this program very much and because the company will not give me a break on their XP rewrite, I simply refuse to pay threw the nose simply to get another dongle infested expensive program just so I can use it in XP.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    First, send me a pm with the program name.
    Second, use some punctuation and shit. My eyes hurt from trying to read that.

    Im not picking on you, your not likely to get many replies based on the difficulty
    reading your post.

    Learn Or Die.

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    Just a hunch, see if this works ---

    1. Right click your .EXE
    2. Select the COMPATIBILITY tab
    3. Enter Win98 mode
    4. Run

    If this does not work, then you can take it forward.

    Have Phun,
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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    Of course I have tried all the obvious things like starting the program in 98se compatibility mode, and trying to re assigning the LPT port to match the port settings I have in the VMWare virtual 98se machine where the program works but nothing I could change or set worked including the compatibility mode.
    That was my first idea and it was nice to remind anyone that it is there and most of the time works fine, but it didn't have any effect with this one. The programmer I know tells me he is sure it has to do with the way the program accesses the LPT port, but doesn't know what to do to fix that.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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