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    PE Library

    I am trying to add new import function to exe file. However I don't want to use external tool but do it by myself. I have tried several PE libraries and most of them either doesn't have ability to add import or they crash or executables don't run. Any ASM or C code is welcomed. Thanks.

    Patch by comrade Produced executable doesn't run.
    PeLibrary 0.3c by Pumqara CRASH during adding import
    m-PE Class by in4matics Produced executable doesn't run.
    TitanEngine by ReversingLabs Couldn't make it work.

    PeTools by NEOx Works
    StudPE Works
    IIDKing Crashes
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    Quote Originally Posted by LaptoniC View Post
    Any ASM or C code is welcomed....
    PeTools by NEOx Works
    StudPE Works
    Load PeTools or StudPE into IDA and you now have your ASM code.

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    Thanks @ disavowed I am having an epiphany now. How on earth I couldn't think that one? Your comment is 100% correct but it is not helpful at all. I don't want to reinvent the wheel if possible. It takes time to reverse to convert all this functions, initialization codes and unknown structures. I actually disassembled both of them and PeTools have cleaner code. I just don't want to fix all those codes if there is an easy way. I really didn't want to take your precious time that is why I posted with detailed explanations. However, after all those years in here, I don't think that I deserve to be mocked in such way.
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    Hello Laps,

    Maybe you've already done this but, if possible check the F+ archive of software reverse engineering for Razzia+ tut on Code caves and modifying NOTEPAD (adding new functionality to it).

    Though I last read it around 10 years ago, I distinctly remember him CODING with DISASSEMBLY and RAW HEX BYTES (using Hexview -- big thing then, if you remember), additional functionality AND new imports. Perhaps, that could help.

    Here's a link that uses nothing but a PE Editor and Hex Calculator. I am sure will be useful. PDF, including example files:

    Let me know how it goes.

    Have Phun
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    Thanks Aimless. I have read that paper before. However in his example, there is enough empty space to add extra dll to IAT. My executable doesn't have this space. Therefore I have to add new section copy old ones and add new import. So it doesn't work for me. I will search more and if I can't find any reasonable source to use, I had to reverse some of the tools.
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    ashraf cracker posted a tutorial about adding a section and import manually which might be useful

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    Hi Laptonic,
    PE Bliss
    Cross-Platform Portable Executable C++ Library
    Hope it helps!

    Cheers, Sope!
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