Hi all OllyDbg Gurus,

I'm trying to fix a specific target that uses .bat files to load the main application exe. I have successfully fixed this target by doing a modify/test for some dlls but this was a very lucky shot a very time consuming.

I have try everything that I can remember to load the application a make a step by step trace to read the code/values. I have passed information trough arguments but without any luck.

So I have loaded this .bat file in to OllyDbg, and start the step by step process to a particular call instruction that calls the main program and after this call I get the lic error and OllyDbg stops.

If i try to load the main exe It asks for specific variables %VAR% that are defined on the .bat file and it stops running.

Does any have deal with this type of application and that can share info how to bypass this?