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Thread: Rogue dll

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    Smile Rogue dll

    I have stored safely away a "rogue dll."

    It was caught because it masqueraded as a system dll and had a recent file date and had no version info.

    Virusinfo misidentified it.

    It's been renamed and the file extension as well.

    I would like to study it safely with something similar to a debugger or maybe a passive type of analyzer.

    I also use Linux, but could not find anything that can debug Windows PEs.

    I would appreciate any recommendations.


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    IDA x86 Emulator plugin maybe? That would at least feed it system values which might make it behave normally for a time.

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    Thanks, I will check it out.

    I have set up a Virtual Box with XP as the O.S.

    I found some excellent info on malware forensic analysis at


    I have set up a guest account to study the "rogue item" using Windows Debugger and some other tools.

    Back to bug hunting and dissection,


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