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thats is 3 os (one xp which is a physical machine and host for two vms running windows 98 side by side )
Win 98...AAAAAARRRRRRGH!! Dual Win98....double AAAAAARRRRRRGH!!.

Actually, my ploy in this post is to con you into using softice so much that you'll like it. I gather from your blog that you have never given it much of a shot. I have spent hundreds of hours on it and I swear by it, when it's running. Running on XP with SP3, it's so solid it's sickening. It never crashes no matter what routes I take through Ring 0.

Sysini files...triple AAAAAARRRRRRGH!!

I'll have a closer look at your blog when my head clears. Thanks for the link.

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instead of this i think you should do
this end is client and other end is physical host in the vm (not sure i dont have vmware installed to provide you correct info)
I'll work it out. I just wondered if there was an advantage to having the host in the VM or elsewhere.

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as far as usb debugging is concerned reports are that it doesn't work properly
Technically, I'm not using USB, I am using serial with the USB acting as a conduit to the serial interface. I figured as long as Windbg sees a legitimate serial interface with full RS232 handshaking it should not care what is on the other side of the serial - USB adapter.

I have to study this more but the config for Windbg seems only concerned about what Windbg sees. If it's talking to a serial port, it should be happy. That may answer the question I posed to you. Since the only serial port I have is on the desktop, Windbg will have to be on the desktop.