My new system with it's new mobo and ATI driven vid card doesn't like softice, so I bit the bullet and installed ice in a VM. It works fine, my symbols are all loaded, but when I follow my usual procedure for setting a bmsg command, ice claims the hwnd is invalid.

Normally, I fire up SPYXX, which lists all the handles for window processes running on my system. I used the HWND indicated by SPYXX in softice, in the VM, as follows:

BMSG 400BA 203

but when I hit 'Enter' it gives me the invalid handle message.

Under normal XP that was ALWAYS accepted and broke in a specific app on a double-click (WMSG 203).

I turned to Windbg to see if I could verify the hwnd, but wouldn't you know that Windows being about...guess, Windbg does not seem to have any commands to dump window's handles. It will give you any other kind of handle except a HWND.

OK...I know I'm likely doing something wrong. I am running windbg in local mode under an lkd> prompt.

I presume I am out of luck with softice and an advanced video card driver. In setup, it detects my display adapter OK and the Test button returns claiming my display adapter is OK (Universal Video Driver). But when I hit 'Apply' then OK, it insists on a reboot for Visual Softice which I am not using. After the reboot, it just keeps rebooting until I set it back to the last known good configuration.

I am wondering if anyone running softice under a VM has encounter a similar situation with it not recognizing HWNDs?

Could some kind soul, well-versed in Windbg, show me how to find a Windows handle for a process?