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Thread: Crypto-Box Emulation for WINgs 2000

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    Crypto-Box Emulation for WINgs 2000


    I am new here and may have posted in the wrong section, although this section might just be the one I need (newb alert).

    I have a little office and I offer printer solution, I re-sell service. On the first floor is a old family man that has a embroidery business, he has been using the same computer for 15 years and once upon a time he had the most performing mini-factory in the city (everyone else orders from China). Problem is that his computer stopped working and so he came asking for help thinking I am some sort of computer geek (I do printing). His computer to my knowledge was special because it was so old I could not believe my sense, running a windows 98 copy with some old peripherals. On that very computer this man runs a software called WINgs 2000 (digitizing software for embroidery machines), this software in question was made in 1999 to my knowledge and saves the templates in .dst format which is the most used embroidery extension (I will explain). The software saves to .dst that is the most used because those machines that do the embroidery 99% accept only .dst in his case he had a multi-head embroidery machine called TAJIMA. On his old and special computer he had a Floppy drive that was dysfunctional, I knew about about cable and computer peripherals so I went and opened his old pc and removed his Floppy drive and placed another old working Floppy drive of mine, still did not work, I figured his 34-pin IDE (FDD cable) might be faulty so I went on and changed it to a brand new but dated FDD cable, still did not work. The owner of the computer decided to go buy a portable USB IBM Floppy drive down the street. We tried that Portable drive and it was getting read errors of it's own.

    I am not a computer guy but I tried to help him because embroidery business was good 10 years ago and now it is nothing much as I understood. The man has a family and 3 workers, he is running a local business and his embroidery stopped (currently has a contract for children foundation t-shirts).

    I did not abandon I scourged the net and found out that there is "FIXES" for tajima machines, they sell for $500 a Floppy to USB emulator for Tajima, without much worry I found out that ebay has it for $25 except they did not label it TAJIMA FIX hah

    Now the story has changed, he may put 100 different templates instead of one on the USB after I figured out that he needed them in separate folders to act as a single Floppy file for the Tajima. The Floppy to USB emulator, which is a peripheral just to be clear and not a software has a LED screen with numbers to see which folder I want Tajima to read (as if it was a single floppy disk).

    In life I learned by helping others so I decided to help him and kind of revive his dead business because he is a lovely man with beautiful children and a lovely wife, they all support him in his struggling and almost dead business. I read on some forums and decided to set him up with a custom PC (never did it for myself before) went to CanadaComputers and got him the best motherboard (Gigabyte) a intel i5 CPU and 8 GB of rams with SSD. Only problem is that winGS 2000 does not work on anything older then 98 he told me after the purchase of the computer because he wanted to get a new strong computer for 10 years he said. He grabbed a copy of Windows 8 from the sotre and ai installed it on the new PC, I Googled some more and found out about VirtualBOX, I tried to install 98 on vBOX but it did not work at all, I put his 98 Genuine OS inside the CD drive and tried again to no avail, I went online and found a win98se.vdi (20mb in size ~), since he owns a legit copy I told myself he could use it even though I got it from what is called "Torrents", I hate software piracy in a sense if you need it then buy it. I hooked the .vdi which stands for VirtualBox Disk Image and then my 98 loaded but started to freeze after a few secs, I tried hard and much to make it work but no chance. I abandoned the idea to run it on vBOX as I found out that I need to have proper BIOS emulation for 98 and there is none, I also found out that RAMs should be caped to 64MB during installation and Hardware acceleration should be disabled.

    Did some more Googling and found Windows Virtual PC from microsoft website (must have legit windows copy)m it did not do my job, youtube had good videos to install Windows XP on a new OS but they were using Microsoft Virtual PC which was discontinued and replaced bu Windows Virtual PC that did not work for me as demonstrated. I found Microsoft Virtual PC on torrents and it worked perfectly fine, I then decided to give Windows XP a try even though I have been told he tried it on XP in the past and it did not work, I myself tried windows compatibility and checked run as win 98 and the software displays an error sating this OS is to new for winGS 2000. I downloaded from the OS site something called Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit and tried to fix my problem but winGS 2000 could not run on my windows and his new PC windows 8 installation.

    Back to Virtual PC and windows XP, find out whether your computer's CPU is capable of hardware-assisted visualization, if so you have no worries. Well I managed to install Windows XP after downloading from Microsoft website: "Windows XP Mode". On XP I put in the rare genuine copy of winGS 2000 and fire the installation, to my surprise it works. Another problem, after installation I figured out that he needs a Crypto-Box key... he gave me a Parallel male to USB cable that had a dongle for the parallel port, that dongle was female on both side and one ends connects to the Parallel to USB cable. I put int he USB cable that has the parallel dongle connected to the end of it. I run winGS 2000 and again it sayd Crypto-Box Key error.

    What I need (finally to the request) is a solution to emulate the Dongle that has a sticker with SN number on it (I needed to input the SN upon installation of winGS). The reason is that I do not want to use Virtual PC's or VMware's. I would like to install Windows XP on his machine and get winGS 2000 to work on it without the Parallel Crypted USB dongle.

    I did some research and did find about USBTracer but I do not understand how do I go about it? I learn fast but this time I am lost which is why I need help from you guys. Please do not tell me go get this and do that rather explain it to me in simple details as I have written this post in hope that anyone else could learn from it. Searched all over Google to find out this is all outdated material and read about Dr, Furhball article which was completely alien to me. I did a search on the forums and found nothing and tried to understand the rules of these forums, I hope I am not breaking nay rules.

    After some search and realizing that the Dongle has no brand I found out about MARX, which is quite similar and might have been the brand if the SN sticker on the dongle did not wear out the surface. I also do not know if I have to connect the dongle to my USB port or find an old PC and connect it trough a parallel port to read it?

    P.S Please keep in my that many like myself will learn form it and this post will surely amass views and traffic to the forum from around the globe.

    Note: All his software are legit and genuine and everything is legal (so far).
    Note 2: you will be helping a old man raise his dead business, nice person and hard worker.
    Note 3: I learned about virtual pc's, security dongles and whatnot so in life by helping you learn, please apply that knowledge here as it is for everyone to see.

    Thank You in Advance,

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    From what I understood here is that Woodmann helps people if they can help themselves and almost everyone here likes it that way.. well I am here trying to help myself but I need a bit of help from you guys also please?

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    Please correct me if I am wrong:

    You have win 98 installed and you need to make a parallel dongle work ?
    You have a usb to parallel cable but the dongle refuses to work ?

    Does this new computer have a floppy drive ? External perhaps ?
    Will the computer not accept the dongle because the floppy drive is missing ?

    Learn Or Die.

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    Well I have a parallel dongle which has both side female, I insert one side trough the male of the USB to Male Parallel, then I put the USB end of the cable in the new PC. This means on the end of the USB to Parallel cable there is the dongle attached with one female side out in the open and one female side inside the USB to Parallel cable which is plugged via USB side in the PC.

    What I would like is the best way to run windows 98 on my Windows 8 or even better emulate the Parallel Dongle so that I can run Virtual PC with XP mode and since installing winGS 2000 worked on XP it would run faster, problem is on XP the parallel dongle is not readable.

    I will provide a screenshot once I get to my office. Upon starting the app on windows XP it gives me Crypto-Box Key error.

    I do not need a Floppy Drive since the Tajima Embroidery machine has a Floppy drive that has a emulation for USB. The Parallel dongle worked perfectly fine on the old Pentium 4 with windows 98.

    Thanks in advance.

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    you can make log with the IRP Trace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxB View Post
    you can make log with the IRP Trace.
    As I understood I get the 14 days trial of IRPTrace and run that app which will give me a log? Then once I get the log or once the female device is traced (parallel dongle connected trough USB to Male Parallel) what can I do with it?

    P.S I have searched over filecrop and found someones USBtracer log and Toro Log which I think are related to my case, they are log's with a coding language that I do not understand, under a .txt format.

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    Simply USB logger

    you need to understand IRP Trace log

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    Thank you FoxB I will understand all of it in a few hours (hopefully) and come back to you guys with the new knowledge and queries I may have. Thanks for the link I was going to get another one that did not see as user friendly and efficient then that mentioned above.

    P.S Just found out about the Quick Reply thingy! It's awesome and saves a page reload.

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    if you have original dongle why not use Wings xp 5.0 Version 5 Build 5922
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Well I did not even get time due to a clients demand to get his printing job a few days a head but let me tell you that the old man that owns the embroidery business said it is almost impossible for him to learn the new software of wings. He said last time was about 12 years ago he update his old wings and it took him 4 months to learn it back. I am going to check the USB trace today and see if it gives me anything also hasp I do not have winGS XP 5.0 V.5 b.5922...

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