Have I told you lately that I hate COM? Well, if not, I do.

I have a target that has a .dll that I believe to be a COM object, it includes a nice Interop.(name).DLL, which tells me that the functions that I'm interested in are IN the referenced .dll.

So, the problem in case you don't know where this is going.

When I run the .DLL through IDA, I get a nice disassembly, with just the bare minimum of DLL exports. (Since it's a COM object, the interfaces, objects, and all of that aren't exported that way!).

I've grabbed all the COM tools from the CRETL, and I have yet to find anything that helps me ID the functions in the .DLL.

So, is there something that will take in this 64-bit DLL, and tell me where stuff is? (Does the Interop dll do it, but I don't KNOW it?)

Any help is appreciated!