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Thread: Conditional Branch Logger

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    Conditional Branch Logger


    I am trying to load this plugin with Olly 1.1 on XP (in a VM).

    I receive the error

    cbl_gui.dll failed to load correctly
    I have the cbl_gui.dll (and Conditional_Branch_Logger.dll) in the plugin folder.

    Would appreciate suggestions on what could be the issue.


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    I've worked it out, it is a conflict with another plug-in.

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    Unfortunately the cbl_gui.dll does not load correctly in all instances.

    When I posted above that I had it working, I had removed all other plugins and was testing with notepad.

    CBL is still the only plugin that is in the plugin directory, but when I try to configure CBL with the application that I want to trace (a service), I am getting the same error as before.

    So am again after advice either on how to resolve or alternatives (for instance is there an OllyScript that does something similar?)


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    I can't really understand where there would be a problem. CBL loads with Olly, even before you open a target, so if all is good you should see the message in the log window
    "cbl_gui.dll loaded and all addresses are retrieved"
    It should work irrespective of whether you open notepad, a service, or attach to a running process.

    Conditional_Branch_Logger.dll is the plugin loaded by Olly. If the plugin can't load cbl_gui.dll you will get an error message in the Olly log window. The fact that you did get that error message seems to indicate the plugin probably loaded OK, but couldn't find the second dll. If for some reason it loaded but couldn't resolve the dll exports you'd get an additional message
    "cbl_gui.dll loaded but addresses not retrieved"

    All I can suggest at the moment is to delete ollydbg.ini and refresh to create a new one, and remove any udd files and try again. Out of curiosity, do you know which plugin it may have had a conflict with?

    You could also do a full run trace, but for the same code execution path there would be a lot more instructions to sift through in the log file over using the plugin.

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    Hello Kayaker,

    Thanks for responding.

    I've done some more testing.

    I've removed all the UDD's. And now when I open Olly cbl_gui.dll loads as you describe. I have re-added the plugins and there is no change, so the other plugins were not the issue. Notepad continues to work, and I've tried a couple of other applications and they work too.

    Unfortunately CBL still doesn't work with the service.

    The process for loading Olly works differently with the service, unlike the other applications, where I use Olly to load the applications. By configuring some registry entries (which I can detail if that helps) when the service is started, Olly is started as the debugger. So in this instance I can't load Olly and check that cbl_gui.dll is loaded OK before starting the service (actually I tried doing that - but it made no difference to the instance of Olly that was loaded when the service started).

    Any idea what the problem could be?

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    Interesting. Are you using the gflags/Image File Execution method to attach Olly to the service on startup?

    It sounds like something is preventing that secondary dll loaded by the plugin to load properly. I read about adding a delay to the service startup to give time for the debugger to attach. Perhaps that would give the necessary time for cbl_gui.dll to load.

    I guess the logical step to see if CBL itself is the culprit, or whether this is an inherent problem with that kind of service-startup/debugging setup, would be to create a dummy Olly plugin which loads a dummy second dll and see if it also fails to load.

    I can't think offhand of other plugins which use 2 dlls which might also fail this way. Ollybone with its loaded sys driver is the only one that comes to mind.

    I haven't got time to test right now, but it's an interesting question nonetheless.

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