hello everybody

there was upon a time a long thread once started which lived here

6 years later I find myself in the same sittuation as its original poster

That's it: i'm trying the same things as nobber was by that time and i need help from you guys

to make car diagnostic via OBD (on-board diagnostics, just in case you feel interested) the car ECU communicates with the diagnostic equipment.

-the equipment will ask for a SEED
-the ECU generates a random number (2 or 4 bytes) and sends to the equipment
-the equipment uses an algorithm/calculation to find a new value and send as a response to the ECU. this new number is the KEY

i want this algo

only original equipment from a specific car manufacturer has the calculation and there are some cases (most) that the algo/calculation is performed online ~> meaning that the hardware does not contain the algo, therefore, just the ECU is granted to have the calculation/algo, because it must also know the answer to check if the communication is legit

1. reverse engineer the ECU to find the calc/algo
2. emulate the ECU for the equipment and send sequencial numbers (00000001, 00000002, etc) and get a database to find out the calc/algo

PROBLEMS: (with these solutions)
1. reverse engineering the ECU requires experience and specific techniques i do not have
2. the sequencial numbers logged are suspicious, the dealership original equipment may:
A) block the user
B) register an attempt to collect "critical" (this isn't the perfect word, but.. you get it!) data

so you guys would be helpful if you can:
- reverse engineer ECUs
- provide me the calculation/algorithm i need (in this case we need discuss car makes/model/year etc. you have/i need)
- show up with a magic (wand) solution telling me "hey guy! there is another way nobody else has ever heard about!! check it out, we can blablabla" but with a real solution in place of "blablabla"

yes, i'm willing to pay for it
yes, i'm currently working on some seed-key analysis
nope, english is not my first language so sorry for being a little confusing or unclear

thank you guys

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