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    ckinfo v1.14 +

    Ckinfo utility created / published by "thewd" to get information about Crypkey protected softwares. I would like to say that ckinfo is excellent program. Ckinfo v1.14 can be used up to Crypkey version 7.6 protected softwares. Unfortunatelly, the constants Crypkey use are changed. Therefore ckinfo cannot handle new versions of Crypkey.

    I am not going to write / code / prepare new tool. Therefore, I have just changed / modified constants (384 pcs) in ckinfo to be able to use for Crypkey versions 7.6 & 7.7.

    Finally, I share with you instead of keeping for myself. I have thank to "thewd" again (also Bfox, bbuc, DimitarSerg from exelab forums) for such a great work / tool.


    raduga_fb, 08/06/2013
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    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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