I am trying to use PIN (from Intel) as the debugger, so that I can get instruction traces.

The first step, of course, is to download the source code for IDADBG.DLL from hex-rays site and compile it. The compilation was done in VS2010 and successful (not even a single warning).

Now then, I disassembled notepad.exe (remember, everything here is 32bit --- I am using WinXP SP3, with IDA 6.4) and chanced the debugger to PIN.

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Pressing OK, I move forward and select the debugging options to further configure my PIN debugger setup. And here it is.

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Perfect, no issues so far. Now I run the program in the debugger and here is the error I get:

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AND, a configuration box opens up for the PIN parameters. This is how they are filled.

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Unfortunately, after saying OK, I get the same error message as in Step 3. And it loops infinitely.

My questions are:

1. Do you think I am configuring PIN correctly?

2. Are there any additional PARAMETERS that need to be given in the last dialog box?

If anyone has successfully managed to get pin running in IDA, please give me a yell.

On a side note, running pin seperately outside IDA, AND also running Dereko's pinlogger, everything is running perfect. But IDA does not seem to want to play.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

Have Phun