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get windbg its is young creaky and cranky
Still have not attacked the theme of your post, busy reading about kernel processes. However, one of my sources uses LiveKD. My understanding, from well in the past, is that windbg requires a remote processor set to debug mode. That's why LiveKD was produced, to use windbg on one system.

What's your take on that? What kind of setup are you using?

I normally work on a laptop these days, running win 7 but I have a desktop nearby running XP, with all my reversing stuff on it. I think I have windgb on there as well. I have a primitive network setup between the two but I use it primarily for file sharing. Could I setup windbg on the laptop and debug on the desktop. Reason I ask is that the laptop is online and has access to symbols but the desktop does not have access. I could always d/l the symbols if packages are still available.