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Thread: Cracking a shareware keyfile protection.

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    Cracking a shareware keyfile protection.

    Hi everyone, I have recently cracked a simple keyfile protection of a suspicious shareware -

    The solution is posted in -

    I hope you like it

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    what you mean under "suspicious shareware" term:
    1. 2/45 detection ratio on VT
    2. "they want your money"
    3. VB6 programing ??
    4. other ????

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    Hi Evaluator, thanks for your information gathering; well by suspicious shareware I mean that this software makes use of other freeware software and charges for a GUI shell which is not what you would expect from a proper shareware.

    The word suspicious is on the selling intent. The code itself is quite benign apart from the payment gateway thing. The tool just passes the commandline parameters to a couple of commandline freeware, and I surmise that the product is developed in China. It might be a supposedly legitimate way to sell stuff though is not it that using free tools to sell something is called - ripping off ? This is not a malware as such. Though the intent and the useless keyfile protection coupled with shareware payment gateway and made in China all smell a lot like snake oil of sorts.

    Check out my other post on another product on similar weird lines -

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    i can take your logical arguments, but... what if they issue practical this-forum-down?!

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    Well if that is a problem I could always reedit a few parts here and there. Though can a chinese company claim to any intellectual property rights for ripping up a tool? I doubt it. This is not the RIAA. Also given the kind of easy cracks available on the net...I am not really sure about this one. While I agree that issues like that can take place, I guess even Fravia+ and ORC+'s sites and even Woodman's site had issues like that. Has the persecution complex become too severe these days given bitorrent and the warez scene.

    Nonetheless, if there are precautionary measures to be taken I am surely willing to take responsibility.
    Thanks for the tip

    Do check the thing, its a bit weird.

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    let leave this problem for MODS.

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    Will do. Glad you dropped in

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    Read this thread thrice --- still can't understand what the problem is...

    Must be this getting old stuff everyone keeps talking about. :P

    Simple explanation, anyone?

    Have Phun
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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    I dont have a problem with it getting ripped apart on this forum.

    Learn Or Die.

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    Awesome, thanks Woodman

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