Not ask for crack, but consult compile method.

Anyone can help me on how to comile to get this lmcrypt_mg.exe?* (I'll share it with PM)

<1> I have understand the algorithm on 'VENDOR_STRING' (similar as CRC32 algorithm)

<2> Have found "ENCRYPTION_SEED1, ENCRYPTION_SEED2" and generated lmcrypt.exe

How to merge 'VENDOR_STRING' algorithm and call FlexLM SDK and compile to get lmcrypt_mg.exe?

It will be very appreciated if anyone can give some guide, or share tutorial/demo case for reference.

Sample license

SERVER hostname 001122334455 1710
DAEMON mgcld ./mgcld.exe
INCREMENT featurename ***** 2014.120 31-dec-2013 6 \
9E32A2345D3CC17F70A5 VENDOR_STRING=12345678 SN=49231126