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Thread: SuppressDebugMsg As Anti-Debug Trick

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    ThreadHideFromDebugger used in CreateToolhelp32Snapshot

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    What you showed does not make sense and is incomplete.

    You gave some code that was partially in Russian.

    I let some friends from Russia look at the code and they said it wasn't code but just comments.

    Best regards.

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    Your young friends do not understand

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    to mint77: sometimes its better to shut up,, and just try to understand what ppl are try to say.. You probably don't even have slightest idea what Indy and walied are taking about. For your future posts, i would think twice before posting.. Try to use google as your primarly tool of finding things.. and so at least once.. stop posting as much "bs" as you can think off on this forum. I know you are trying to learn but from majority of your posts can be concluded that you lack off basic skills of reversing. Try to find tutorials which are suitable for your skills and try to push up from there. From posting rubish on forum first of all you won't learn anything, and secondly ppl with stop helping you. Don't consider this post as hostile but more or less as help of trying to put you into right path.

    Bye NEO

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    I am sorry if I offended anyone.


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