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Thread: Looking for a light weight C/C++ debugging engine api

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    Looking for a light weight C/C++ debugging engine api

    Title. Im looking for a light weight debugging engine api that supports C/C++. For Windows. any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you

    p.s: Im aware of only TitanEngine, but Im looking for something more light and focuses on debugging, i.e setting memory bp's, catching exceptions perhaps..something along that line

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    310 it seems there is no answer to your interesting question; none that I know of....

    For Python, PyDbgEng was developed, but for C/C++ you have to mess with the COM interfaces offered by Microsoft DbgEng.

    Or you can forget Microsoft API's and try playing with Obsidian (http://,, unfortunately not updated from January 2010.

    Best regards, bilbo
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    Hello bilbo thanks for the input, yea i wish there was an equivalent to that python one for C++, unfortunately Obsidian seems to lack one thing that's important: support for multi-threaded applications, so thats a big bummer and a feature I cant really compromise for this purpose.

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