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    Hi to all and thank for your job, it's a fantastic way to learn and study!
    Now, I need some suggestion.
    I spend a lot of time to study Flexlm, I have read a lot of essay & tutorial and so on...
    After that, I take back a old software (running in winnt 4) with flexlm ver 6.1 security. The daemon is static linked.
    I reverse it and I found some smart data...:

    .text:004127E1 push edi ; int
    .text:004127E2 push eax ; void * <-- Pointer a vendorcode
    .text:004127E3 push offset aSag_med ; "Sxx_xxd" <-- Vendor ID
    .text:004127E8 push 0 ; int
    .text:004127EA mov word ptr [eax], 4
    .text:004127EF mov dword ptr [ebx+18h], 0E8293DF9h <-- seed1 xor k5 ????
    .text:004127F6 mov dword ptr [ebx+1Ch], 4F76879Dh <-- seed2 xor k5 ???
    .text:004127FD mov dword ptr [ebx+20h], 5AEBF45Eh <-- k1 ???
    .text:00412804 mov dword ptr [ebx+24h], 976B6433h <-- k2 ???
    .text:0041280B mov dword ptr [ebx+28h], 0CBBECDE0h <-- k3 ???
    .text:00412812 mov dword ptr [ebx+2Ch], 8D11A713h <-- k4 ???
    .text:00412819 mov word ptr [ebx+30h], 6 <-- FLEXLM VERSION
    .text:0041281F mov [ebx+32h], si <-- PATCH E B.
    .text:00412823 call lc_init

    I looked at pointer vendercode and I found the same data (00000004,0E8293DF9h,4F76879Dh....etc).
    So, I tried cmp xxx, 87654321h and voil�:

    text:0041B3A4 push eax
    .text:0041B3A5 lea eax, [esi+9Ch]
    .text:0041B3AB push eax
    .text:0041B3AC push esi
    .text:0041B3AD call _l_sg
    .text:0041B3B2 add esp, 0Ch
    .text:0041B3B5 cmp [ebp+var_34], 87654321h <-- -------- check seed1
    .text:0041B3BC jz short loc_41B3C7
    .text:0041B3BE cmp [ebp+var_30], 12345678h <-- ....seed 2

    Ok, seems good: seed1=3EFE99B1 seed2=99A123D5.
    3EFE99B1 xor E8293DF9=D6D7A448 =V_K5
    99A123D5 xor 4F76879D=D6D7A448=V_K5

    Ok, seed1 & seed2 are correct ...(may be..)
    Thus, I take FLEXlm sdk 7.2 and with PGC Vendor generator I have 5 vendorkey for version 7.
    Put in lm_code all and go to license.....too easy.....
    IT DOES'T WORK !! License error, check for Flexid 8-xxxxxxxx bla bla
    Please, some suggestion, where is my error ??
    Thank in advance.
    Last edited by jedysat; August 29th, 2012 at 04:05.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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