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Thread: Hex-Rays IDA Pro [req]

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    Talking Hex-Rays IDA Pro [req]

    hi there to all,
    i have just started out in the reverse engineering and so far managed to complete 2 projects.
    but im only using ver5.0 but would love to give the latest version a go and hope it shall be better to use
    so asking if anyone has a link for a patched version of the latest IDA.
    many thanks
    from the Donkey
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    This is NOT THE PLACE to be asking for Warez copies of software, including the "Tools of the Trade."

    Instead, learn to search and you will find the latest version of the software to hit the "open" channels.

    No one is going to give you a copy of their paid version of the software because that is one of the best ways for their license to suddenly become blocked.

    Take the hint and don't do it again.


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    As Above

    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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    You're a bunch of existential nihilists.

    Don't you have any sympathy towards the newbies? He's just started out, it's his 3. project.

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    It's hard to have "sympathy" for someone who didn't bother to read the rules of these Forums on this issue. While I bare him no ill will, his post indicates clearly he didn't actually "think" about what he was trying to do and how "he" might accomplish it.

    Instead he just asked for someone to "spoon feed" him the tools he needed, when, with just a "little" effort of his own, he could have found what he wanted available on the web.

    Therein lies the "lesson" that was taught. Look "first" for what you want and don't take the lazy way out of just asking someone else to do the work for you.


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    plus you dont need the latest IDA if you're a beginner, chances are you wont be using any of the more advanced features anyways..

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