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Thread: Help with ckinfo & crypkey 7

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    Unhappy Help with ckinfo & crypkey 7

    Please, HELP!!!
    I downloaded the new version of an application, it is a program to design 3D bodies.
    In the past, I manages to apply the correct key to it's older version using ckinfo and the script I added below.
    However, the new version is using a new version (7.6) i think, of cryptkey and when i try to enter the sitecode in the appropriate place I always get the following error:

    Decrypt Failed - Trying v6.00 Decryption...
    Error #16: Error occurred decrypting the Site Code - Encryption Keys Not Found

    This prevents me from getting the Encryption key

    The application I am trying to get the key for can be downloaded from:

    <Commercial Software link deleted - Read the FAQ>

    The old script i used (with the older version of this application is:
    #Default Script (ckInfo)
    SiteCode=<enter site code here>

    I tried with ckinfo 1.14 and i always get the above errors.
    I even tried to dump the crp32002 file and i THINK i got some relevant combination at the end of it but i have no idea what to do with it.

    Please HELP.

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    did you find a way to deobfuscate sitecode

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    no i did not.
    have you?
    do you know of any other forum which can help me/us with this?

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    nothing till now ,some suggested replacing NGN file with old version ,i tried with no success

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    I tried that as well and nothing, tried to dump the crp32002.ngn file and look up the code to no avail.
    guess no one here can help with this but if you do come up with something please let me know.

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    @janjan post dumped crp32002.ngn file here

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