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Thread: OllyDbg2 plugin to hide Olly2 from debugee

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    OllyDbg2 plugin to hide Olly2 from debugee

    Hi all,

    I was going to submit my OllyDbg2 plugin to the RCE tool library but couldn't find an OllyDbg2 category ..
    I don't want to confuse things by putting OllyDbg v2 with OllyDbg v1.10
    So could someone please add a new category, and my plugin to it please. Thanks

    Anyway, my plugin hides OllyDbg2 from detection / anti-debug tricks. It's written from scratch since so many old detections are now irrelevant, eg ESI != -1, so I will add things if they are useful for Olly2

    I hope it is useful to you

    Have fun!
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    Hi BoB

    Thanks for kicking this off. I added a new category for OllyDbg 2.x extensions

    and added your plugin, please modify if desired

    For all, please add any other 2.x plugins under this category. There is a permanent link to the 1.x and 2.x OllyDbg Extensions under "Some Useful Places" at the bottom of the forum page.


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    Thank you Kayaker
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    this is going to be very promising, as i am trying to port over to the new olly2 from olly1.10 aswell x)
    ty for putting your effort in BoB

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    APIs are redirected to RW-memory, so NX-fault happens!
    change allocation tape to RWE.

    2. with ALL-PATCHES-SET, stack overflow happens (probably many stack used, or recursive calls?)
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    Hi evaluator,

    Sorry for some reason I am not getting notifications.
    For patches the code is in allocated RE memory, data is in allocated RW memory, I have had no problems reported before about NX-fault on any system. What OS did you test with?


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    Cool New version is released

    Hi all,

    New v1.01 version of my plugin is released, please see for download link and full information.

    Have fun!

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    hi! v1.01 checked - OK!

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