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Thread: Driver Tracing

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    Driver Tracing

    I want to analyse the code of a driver that gets 'called' within another program via Kernel32-DeviceIOControl function.

    First I tried to trace the DeviceIOControl-function until it calls the driver routine, but apparently there is lots of Windows-code before the driver-code is actually called.

    I have no idea about this driver stuff, but since Windows knows the address of the driver routine I was wondering if there is an easy way to obtain the address, maybe directly from the driver file?

    Best regards

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    Oh yes...

    Thanks a lot

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    ...and to make some practice after all that nice theory...

    (by the way, I have just added IRP Tracker... I hope I wasn't wrong...)

    Best regards, bilbo
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    Thanks for adding that Bilbo

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    Had to chuckle.

    My tired eyes originally read the Tread Title as: "Driver Training."

    Boy that was a LOOOONG time ago for me.

    Carry on, pardon the sidetrack.


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