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Thread: Reversing a Win driver and writing one for Linux

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    Reversing a Win driver and writing one for Linux

    Hi there,

    today I had a bad idea - I mean really bad
    My nephew made me a present yesterday (he is seven years old). He gave me new USB-Microscope ( a simple one from a discounter, but hey... it's my nephew and even if he brings along a dead mouse, I'd be happy). Since I had booted up Linux at the time he arrived, I plugged it in to see if it's got recognized. Well, it was but I couldn't get it to work. After some research later that evening I found out that no driver for this device exists.
    Today it came again into my mind and the idea was born: write a Linux device driver for it.
    So this is not one but two new things for me.
    The first is debugging a device driver under Windows. This driver came with the microscope.
    The second is writing the driver under Linux.
    I have a book for the latter and of course I did (and will do again, and again...) a Google search for the first, but I'd like to ask if someone did something like that before and is willing to share some knowledge or can recommend special reading.
    I'm really thankful for any help.
    If my progress is noteworthy, I'll blog about it (it's not a threat )

    Best regards

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    Please move this thread to a more appropriate place. It has only little to do with Linux RCE (more Linux coding), but a lot with Win RCE. Thank you.
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