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    old game

    hi all
    i was wondering if an old game can be reprogrammed to work with the newer operating systems ?
    if so where do i start.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    given time and money, to an adequately skilled person i guess there is a possibility that any old game can be reprogrammed to run in new oses

    what do you intend by reprogramming ?? u mean read every byte of hex and write it back in english ?
    hack a few constants to reduce/increase the specs of some dos based games to run in latest m/c's ??

    you have no other option but to start with the binary that you have in hand

    first look at it in text viewer
    then look at it in hex viewer
    then look at it in disassembler
    then look at it in debugger
    then look at it in resource hackers
    then take a pen paper surmize , summarize , theorize , trialize
    cmp goal , success
    jne start _from_start
    run game in new os

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    As Above


    You cannot.

    You are talking about OLD games, which means 16-bit NE architecture. Or perhaps, even the old MZ DOS based architecture.

    Also, a few of them need FULL screen, not possible after Windows Vista and upwards (I'm assuming you're talking about running a game on Windows platform)

    Additionally, OLD TIME drivers for displays (tough to find), audio (headache to configure) and old time cd rom drivers (assuming the same is CD protected) will cause you to give up in frustration.

    Sure, there is DOSBOX and other such programs. Which themselves give a problem on any latest windows 64-bit version architecture.

    Most OLDER games cannot recognize the 4 GB RAM you may traditionally have. Instead you'll get errors for not having sufficient memory!!

    Finally, there are the processors. Your OLDER games CANNOT recognize today's FAST processors. You *may* have to use software programs that slows down the speeds.

    You *could* traditionally use a virtual environment. But it does not speak well if you are going to install VMWARE (an example) with a version of DOS or Windows 95 only to run an OLD game.

    There is no way you're going to convert an entire game in 16-bit to a 32-bit. Unless, you have the source code and you recompile after making necessary changes to the source.

    My suggestion: Leave the game in peace. It's time has long passed. There are better ones out there.

    In respect.

    Have Phun,
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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    @blabberer: i like you code snipped!!!! ;D
    - Reverse Enginnering can be everything, but sometimes it's more than nothing. Really rare moments but then they appear to last ages... -

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    @ohpen the question was so vague that i couldn't resist cracking up

    i cant understand why some one cannot at the least do some basic research before asking question

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