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Thread: Debugging a process with 0xEBFE

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    Debugging a process with 0xEBFE


    I wrote a small and simple debugger which doesn't use the debugger api. Instead I set breakpoints with 0xEBFE which works quite ok.

    Now I have a problem, I patched a DLL function with 0xEBFE and start the process which stops at that JMP EIP command, I attach with another debugger tool which uses the windows debugger api which works without problems.

    After attaching I want to remove the JMP EIP and want to run the program under the debugger. Writing the original opcodes back seems to work as I don't get any errors but the program seems to hang.

    Does anyone has an idea why this happen?


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    did you tried "ResumeThread" function? prob. after attaching debugger it is need..

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    thanks for the info...but I found the problem, it was a bug in my debugger which didn't use the correct address of the "jmp eip" i forgot to add the image base to the address
    So everything seems to work as expected


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    In the meanwhile you could have a look at, a nice EBFE-based debugger,
    cited also in Collaborative RCE Tool Library...

    Best regards, bilbo
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