Hey there all. You know my penchant for coveting software seen in movies and then pretending I am the guy in the movie (don't tell wifey, though) doing all those awesome things.

Here's another one which I could not figure out. I love those wall-streety types they show in the movies... wish I had become a broker or something...anyhoos...

Movie: Wall Stree 2 - Money Never Sleeps
Observations: Looks like a MAC application (the buttons, duh!). But UPLOAD Button? In a word processor? Dunno! This is when Gecko's to-be son-in-law can't sleep and gets up to screw the villian by writing a piece on him.

That is why I need help. Here is the screen shot.

Name:  vlcsnap-2011-08-28-20h14m10s178.png
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A big, wet, sloppy kiss from me to anyone who can also point out what font is being used there (no, its NOT times or Times new roman!)

Have Phun,