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Thread: Make Money??

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    Make Money??

    This is over my head, so I would like to know if anyone would write a plugin for pay?
    The plugin would be a "Run Trace" plugin.
    In Olly you can set a "Breakpoint on every Command".
    A plugin to "Run Trace on every Command", would be great.
    The Author would get full credit and I would release the plugin with source code to the community.
    Just need to find someone with time on their hands to do this.

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    Cant Olly already do that ?
    My vague memory says it did at one time.
    Then again, I am old .

    Learn Or Die.

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    If it does, I have not found how to do it yet.
    You can from the "Reference" window, Set or Log a breakpoint on every command, just not Run Trace on every command.

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    Use "trace into" and watch the run-trace window. Tada!

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    Thanks disa, I feel like I'm 40 again .

    Learn Or Die.

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    Thanks for the replies.
    However "Trace Into" traces into all moduals.
    I only want to trace in 1 mod after I've done a search in that mod.
    Do a search in a project you have, commands or strings.
    Once you've search, you now have the "Reference" window open.
    Right mouse click. You have options, two of those options are "Set Breakpoint on all commands" and they all turn "Red" or
    "Log Breakpoint on all commands" and those will turn purple.
    To have an option to "Run Trace on all commands" and they turn yellow, would be great.
    Run Trace only the commands from the search.
    Not sure if this plugin can be wrote, if it can, I would be willing to pay someone to do this.
    Again, thanks for the replies!

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    dELTA :
    You only get "retroactive" pay if you promise to spend it all on the "Princess"!


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    You may try IDA PRO and plugin downloaded from called Logger.

    Single module. Just what you'd want, I presume.

    Have Phun
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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