Hey all,

A new version is up, here's what's new:

Change Log:
  • 1. Fixed the ToolBar in PVDasm 64Bit
    The magic line for 64Bit compability:
    SendMessage(hWndTool, TB_BUTTONSTRUCTSIZE, (WPARAM)sizeof(TBBUTTON), 0);
  • 2. Task Manager is working on PVDasm 64Bit.
    The root cause for task manager not to show is due to LoadLibraryA("VDMDBG.DLL");
    this is a 16bit Virtual DOS Machine Debug Information .dll that could not be loaded
    into a 64Bit process, even though it is located in Windows/SysWOW64/ it seems it is
    compiled for 32Bit. Dependency Walker loaded it, but than reported a wrong CPU compile error.
    To make TaskManager back again, I disabled LoadLibraryA("VDMDBG.DLL"),
    and let it load PSAPI.dll only.
  • 3. The HexEditor .dll that PVDasm 64Bit loads is a 3rd party dll that belongs to RadASM project,
    and to enable it for PVDasm 64Bit, KetilO need to recompile it for x64 .

check it out at http://www.pvdasm.tk-labs.com