Thanks for the information, now I just have to learn more about it and try to get there.
I am thinking that would be possible to create a plugin that could do this Eprocess stuff so it would be loaded in Ollydbg.
Maybe am I wrong? But i will try to create a setup --> windbg + windows 7 in a virtual machine as an alternative to Olly.
I think this proccess have too many interesting things..

I think Ollydbg is just the best user mode debugger, credits to Mr Oleh for the very nice work.

In older versions, when you right click inside the code window, you have the option to chose what module you want to view, and choose, for example, the main executable. I would appreciate this new version had it. You still can press the 'U' button (execute until user code), that is very good, but sometimes I need just browse, not just run.